Monday, 28 February 2011

Uni Plans Update: The Mammoth Plan

Thought it was about time I tried using this damned thing again! And where better to start than an update on this "Mammoth Plan" I keep mentioning all the time.

What is this Mammoth Plan? To take 180 credit points at once in order to finish my undergraduate degree in time to start my Masters course in October 2011, rather than October 2012, and therefore beat the top up fees. Mad? Probably. Impossible? Never. Why Mammoth? I like them. They're fluffy and have funny faces. I get the feeling I had one as a pet in a past life. Anyway...

Well, things didn't entirely work out as I had planned. The OU didn't agree at first, but after a little convincing they finally allowed me to go ahead. I'd missed the deadline for signing up for A330 (Myth in Greek and Roman Worlds), so ended up taking AD317 (Religions Today) instead. Not entirely relevant to what I want to do, but then again it will provide me with yet another challenge. (And no, I don't ever get tired of challenges. Ever.)

So (hopefully!) the end of my undergrad life will end this year like this...

So, yeah, I'm going to be busy. And in between all that I'll be continuing to work as well. Yes, I always did like a good challenge. The more impossible the better.

Things have gone fine so far though. After a minor "oh my goddddd what am I doing?!" kind of moment just before my first two level three courses were due, my confidence was renewed when I got the assignments back for AA300 and AD317. After submitting what I thought was a load of rubbish for both, I was rather surprised to get good grades! Perhaps this plan wasn't as mad as I first thought.

I need a minimum of a 2:1 in order to get onto the Masters course, so I decided as long as my first couple of assignments came back with reasonable marks I would continue with my plan. I'm trying to be strict with myself because I know I'm one of those people who will battle on to complete a challenge, come what may, because I've said I can, I know I can, so I'll damn well do it to show everyone I can. (If anyone is interested in seeing where I get this idea from, you can find him and shake your fist at him here:

I'm sure I'll post further updates in the future, should I not have suffered some horrific injury from the weight of all of the books (seriously, these AD317 ones are heavy!).