Friday, 23 July 2010

The Mammoth Uni Plan

Right, so didn't exactly follow my plan of trying to blog more since I created this, but let's hope I can put that right now. Anyway...

As I've been discussing this totally mental plan to try and get the OU to let me finish my degree sooner, I thought I might as well explain it. If nothing else, at least I'm getting my ideas down onto paper so that I can think things through.

Basically things have not been going according to plan at work. I've always planned to go and do a Masters course at some point, which if I take my time I should
have started in October 2012. But with work not going well, I need another option. And I'm not going to be in an office doing this forever, right? So I looked into trying to start in October 2011.

However, in order to do this I need to fit in three more courses: one at Level 2 and two at Level 3. I've already signed up for the Level 2 course, AD281, which will start in a few months time.
I've then decided to sign up for these two Level 3 courses: AA300 and A330 (I think!).

So those three courses at 60 credit points each would work out like this...

At 60 points each, it looks a little insane doesn't it? But there would only be an overlap for four months. The rest of the year I would only be doing 120 points at a time, which is what I've been managing anyway right now. And if things with the job don't go according to plan I could have a lot more time to spend on uni work!

Obviously this is a last resort, because it's a bit of a risk with the grades which may well slip a little. But it's worth the risk right? What else am I going to do? If I'm not going to be doing admin in some office forever, I might as well get on with it and push forward. (And if you know me, you know I like a challenge. This is the sort of challenge I like!) A proper job is always going to be the number one choice, but I think this is a brilliant alternative... don't you think?

And look at what I've got to come with my Masters - whether it be in 2011 or 2012! ....

Any opinions - whether here or on Twitter - are quite welcome :)