Thursday, 30 June 2011

The End is Nigh

It's finally done. After five months somehow stumbling through a crazy 180 credit point plan I like to call the "Mammoth Plan", I am finally done. The mammoth is dead, done, dusted, and has gone to meet its maker. A couple of weeks ago I had my last ever Open University exam, and I was finally back to a more reasonable 120 credit point workload. (Yes, a little delayed, but it too a while to come back to this social networking thing!)

I've never been more glad to wake up on exam morning. I actually woke up the day before, looked at my phone to check the date, and was incredibly irritated to find it wasn't the morning of the exam. That's not obsessive. Right? I wouldn't say I was actually looking forward to the exam, but I was definitely looking forward to walking out of that exam room and knowing I'd done what I was warned was an incredibly risky move. But I'm alive, I'm still going, and most importantly my brain hasn't turned to mush in the process. Although I guess I won't know for sure whether or not it was a good move until I finally get my degree in December, some minor celebrations can be permitted.

But now this insane plan is finally over, the end goal of starting my Masters course is finally in sight. I'm now up to the final projects for both of my remaining OU courses, and I've only got one more week of part time archaeology lectures at Southampton next week. Tuesday will be my last ever evening lecture... how weird is that? Have normally only been allowed to venture onto the campus by night, and in a few months time I'll actually be there while the place is alive and buzzing with students.

And now I feel like a proper archaeologist, it's about time I started posting more archaeology related stuff on here. I've got plenty of goodies from my archaeological materials lectures to show you, so watch this space.